About Me

Hello! My name is Anjie Cao (Chinese:曹安洁; Pinyin: cáo ān jié). I am a second year Psychology Ph.D student at Stanford working with Mike Frank in the Language and Cognition Lab. My current research focuses on using curiosity as a framework to understand looking behaviors in infants, preschoolers, and adults through behavioral experiments and computational modeling. I am also interested in replication science. I am currently working on a research project that aims to test the replicability and generalizability of some classic findings in cultural psychology.

Before Stanford, I was an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, where I studied cognitive science and philosophy. My undergraduate research was primarily on language acquisition in infancy and early childhood. I worked in Infant Language and Learning Lab (PI: Erik Thiessen) and Infant Cognition Lab (PI: David Rakison). I was born and raised in Beijing, China and I graduated from RDFZ in 2016.

For a more complete record of my academic journey, here is my CV.