About Me

Hello! My name is Anjie Cao (Chinese:曹安洁; Pinyin: cáo ān jié). I am a 4th year Psychology Ph.D student at Stanford working with Mike Frank in the Language and Cognition Lab. My research focuses on understanding how people decide what to look at and when to stop looking throughout their developmental trajectory. Specifically, I study the looking time dynamics in looking time paradigms widely used in developmental psychology. I use a combination of computational modeling and behavioral experiment. I am also interested in replication science and meta-science.

Before Stanford, I was an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, where I studied cognitive science and philosophy. My undergraduate research was primarily on language acquisition in infancy and early childhood. I worked in Infant Language and Learning Lab (PI: Erik Thiessen) and Infant Cognition Lab (PI: David Rakison). I was born and raised in Beijing, China and I graduated from RDFZ in 2016.

I believe that science should be open, accessible, and relevant to people outside academia. I am the author of a popular science book in Chinese, and the co-founder and host of the Stanford Psychology Podcast. You can learn more about my outreach work under the outreach tab.

For a more complete record of my academic journey, here is my CV.